Tesco Finest Free From Millionaires Shortbread


Tesco’s Finest Free From Millionaires Shortbread are a premium gluten free, though not dairy free, alternative to the real thing.

They’re pricey, at around £2 for a pack of five, though each piece is a decent size.

The flavour is pretty good too, though I’d hardly say it’s the “Finest.”

Crucially, though, these do at least taste genuine, unlike the Morrisons equivalent (though in fairness, the Morrisons one is dairy free too).

There’s a strong caramel flavour, a hint of chocolate and you can immediately sense the unctuousness of the all butter recipe.

However, the chocolate is a little thick, causing the caramel to squidge everywhere when you bite in, plus it’s hardly the most flavoursome chocolate I’ve ever tasted.

The biscuit is a bit insipid too.

It’s a solid effort but falls short of providing the real satisfaction that such a treat should provide.


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