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I’m a freelance technology journalist who has spent nearly ten years in the industry, working for such publications as Bit-Tech, ExpertReviews and TrustedReviews.

I also run my own technology blog, TechyTalk where I talk about all things technology that I find interesting. There’s also an associated YouTube channel, here.

Away from technology and journalism I play guitar in a sludge/death metal band called Burden Of The Noose.

Oh, I also like cooking, gaming, gardening and DIY so you might get the odd post about those topics on here too.

Contact Me – Got any questions or you’d like to get a product reviewed? Drop me an email:

14 Thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Edward!

    I work for GGMM, a digital electronics company that focuses on making functional and high-quality audio products. I would love to send you a pair of our full-metal earphones to test and review.

    Our earphone line currently has 3 models – the Nightingale, Hummingbird and Cuckoo (good, better and best, respectively). The Cuckoos have 9.2mm drivers, a 3-button in-line remote with mic and a flat cable.

    The best part? All of our earphones have a lifetime warranty. These will literally be the last pair of earphones that you will ever need to buy.

    Please let me know if you are interested and we can discuss the details! I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Sridevi Reddy

  2. Kyle Staebell on March 17, 2015 at 11:41 pm said:

    I have here a copper iphone 6 plus case which helps users reach the whole screen with one hand!
    By holding the phone along the grip of the case, it enables the thumb to reach much further on the display.

    See this work of art in action: http://www.thegreatestcase.com

    This case made it to the top of r/design on reddit:

    Kyle Staebell

  3. Hi Edward,

    My name is Jacob and I am with Movy, a new technology startup. We designed a social media platform by prioritizing face-to-face communication and convenience. The tech-twist for you is that we utilize an open-platform for unprecedented and unlimited social media communication. The link below offers more information on Movy and I would love to hear your thoughts on it! I hope to chat soon.

    Link: http://movy.co/v/3e5e3765fde432c8d8501efe610070c366324a97

    Best regards,

  4. Hi Ed,

    I was very interested to read your monitor arm review here: http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/monitors/2014/01/28/silverstone-arm-one-arm11sc-monitor-review/1

    I work for Colebrook Bosson Saunders, we are a design house and manufacturer of ergonomic monitor arms, stands and mounts. Please visit our product site here: http://www.colebrookbossonsaunders.com/products

    I was wondering how can we work together to have you write a similar review for our products?

    Kind regards

  5. Hi Edward, my name is Becky, I’m from CleverFiles. We are the developers of Disk Drill, data recovery app for Windows http://pc.cleverfiles.com
    I wanted to discuss the possibility of testing and covering Disk Drill by CleverFiles at Bit-Tech. Please, drop me a line at marketing@cleverfiles.com and I will send you more details. Thanks!

  6. Hi

    I came across your work on Trusted Reviews, reviewing leaf blowers.

    I was keen to get you to review some of our products if that is ok? I could send you out a leaf blower (although I am sure you’d be looking to review different things now).

    Perhaps you have some features coming up that we might suit?

    Drop an email if you fancy working together


  7. Hi Edward
    Hope all good! As this is my first interaction with you, a big thanks for covering Vivaldi earlier this year. Delighted to share that Vivaldi very close to its beta release!

    Vivaldi moves to beta with more productive features and fun on web on Tuesday, Nov 3rd 7AM GMT with an embargo till then. Would you be interested to take a look at it and try out the new build ?

    It’s fascinating where all browsers are being simplified, Vivaldi is being an invader in the market with the whole idea of giving more power to the user.

    Jon would be in London on 3rd and 4th November? Would you like to meet up with him?With no browser in the market catered towards power users, Vivaldi is the only choice to fill in the gap. I’m confident that Jon would love to talk more on this and the future of browsers since he’s now bootstrapped two companies. One (Opera) went on to pioneer the mobile web and gain 350 million users and the other (Vivaldi) stepping into its beta has over 2 million downloads already and still counting.

    We’d be more than happy to provide you with more info and yes hope to hear from you soon!


  8. Hello Ed

    I was the one who commented on your review of the Dell 27 inch 5k monitor on trusted reviews regarding lack of contrast and did see your reply regarding using a plasma tv for home theatre. Today I got the chance to spend some time with the 9.7 inch Galaxy Tab S2 in a low light environment away from the usual heavy showroom spotlighting of many retailers such as carphone warehouse, and was able to compare several videos from the Youtube app as well as general browsing right next to the iPad air 2 which I own myself and from memory with my 23″ 1080p NEC IPS monitor back home.

    Of course contrast was simply stunning along with the pure blacks which really brought the images and videos alive. Unfortunately the internet connection was fairly slow meaning I could only stream 1080p waiting every now and then for it to buffer, 1440p was out of the question. I could tell that the codec was avc rather than vp9 from the compression artifacts and having compared the codecs from different streams of the same video of several videos, vp9 appears to be freer of compression artifacts. For 2160p which I didn’t have the option to select on the Galaxy Tab S2, at home I stream the 2160p vp9 version on my 1080p monitor which much of the time looks like uncompressed 1080p albeit with minor aliasing artifacts. The percieved resolution outweighs that of the tab s2.

    Which reminds me of earlier when plasma’s were mostly 768p but lcd’s were 1080p, and many were claiming that you couldn’t tell the difference on a 42 inch screen. Of course we have 4k oled’s now but they cost much more than equivalent lcd’s.

    I began investigating the possibility of using the amoled galaxy tab s or s2 screens as pc monitors. Unfortunately it doesn’t really seem possible to use a wired connection like a plug and play device which is a huge shame as the ability to use a full powered pc on those displays with the 2k resolution especially on the older tab s would be amazing. While I have always been a strong proponent of resolution and believe that 4k still doesn’t resolve human vision, I’d argue now that by far the most pressing concern regarding modern displays is the poor black levels even from va lcd panels, and even plasma gets surpassed by oled. I don’t enjoy watching tv much nowadays and I certainly don’t find it as memorable as when I was a kid, maybe the programming quality has deteriorated or I am older and less of what I see is novel, but I think modern lcd’s are the problem, turning on my old sony trinitron and playing a dvd was a treat despite the abysmal resolution by todays standards.

  9. My name is Mark Shorter from Access Denied Worldwide Ltd and we are launching our new revolutionary PC security product Access Denied. Access Denied finally gives back total security and control of your PC or device, blocks all viruses, Trojans or any unwanted program from running so giving you the ultimate in security for your personal data. We are running a crowdfunding campaign https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1874987359/access-denied our main website is http://secureallmydata.com for more information please contact me at mark@secureallmydata.com

  10. Dear George,

    Nice to write to you here .

    I have read the http://www.trustedreviews.com/inateck-bk1003e-bluetooth-keyboard-review,which has a great introduction of the Bluetooth Keyboard

    So we think you would be interested in our new design P10 (own patent)Siri integration ,Bluetooth Receiver, Selfie Function speaker .

    Two Nice features here :
    Siri integration: You can answer phone calls and use the P10 as your speakerphone using the Play/Pause button. The ability to use it as a speakerphone is a nice feature that many Bluetooth speakers skip.
    Bluetooth Receiver: Like adding Bluetooth to your car by using AUX-in function

    Whether we’re talking hip hop, rock, jazz, or classical music, our speaker manages to avoid sounding tinny and brittle.

    The best part of this speaker is able to connect several speakers together for a party fun !
    It will be useful if you are having a large party or BBQ when they are connected

    Get your hands on one of our products and you’ll be impressed by the quality.

    I would be happy to send you a sample so you can credibly prove to your readers that this is in fact a great product.

    I appreciate your time and consideration!
    Link : http://www.amazon.com/Bluetooth-Plusinno%C2%AE-Waterproof-Integrated-Microphone/dp/B0182B8ARI/

    From Plusinno

  11. Dear Sir:

    Hello, I’m Alan.Thank you for your time.
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  13. Dear Mr. Chester,

    I read with interest your recent articles in Trusted Reviews about the WD My Cloud NAS devices. I work for a company that has created a software that can instantly turn any computer into a NAS device/cloud server. The program is called Tack App and it allows a user to easily access and share all the files on their computer from anywhere in the world without the need to upload anything. Since there is no uploading process involved the files are instantly available to the user remotely.

    Please let me know if you would like any more information about the Tack App (http://www.mytackapp.com/). You can reach me at vsem.yenovkian@stoamigo.com. Thank you for your time.

    Vsem Yenovkian

  14. Hi,
    This is Shawn from MiniTool solution LTD,I’ve read your article on trustedreviews,they are really great.Therefore,I’m here asking that are you interested in wrtting a review or something for our freeware?
    our softwares got more than 22M downloads,and hope you can take a consideration as we are good guy
    The pages of our products: powerdatarecovery.com AND partitionwizard.com
    Main page:minitool.com

    Looking forward to your reply

    Kind regards

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