Tesco Finest Free From Belgian Dark Chocolate Rocky Road


The Tesco Finest Free From Belgian Dark Chocolate Rocky Road are a gluten-free rocky road snack consisting of a chocolately mush filled with bits of biscuit, marshmallow and chunks of chocolate.

These are fine looking treats, with tiny pink and white marshmallows sitting on top of th edark chcolate base and laced with thin lines of white chocolate.

Sadly they don’t hold up quite so well once in the mouth.

The most immediate thin is the lack of texture. While these were eaten on a warm day so were a little soft I’d still expect more bite to the snack overall and certainly more crunch from the biscuit and chocolate chunks inside. I didn’t detect a single chunk of chocolate based on mouth feel while the presence of biscuit was more of a little powdery puff than a decent chunk of biscuit.

Otherwise the overall flavour is decent if unspectacular. There’s a reasonable chocolatiness, the little marshmallows are lovely and the overall sweetness is about right. It could definitely do with that last little something to take it over the edge – a salty caramel crunch, a sprinkling of sour cherry or just some stronger tasting chocolate.


Most disappointing of all, though, is that these aren’t dairy-free as I first thought they might be, given they’re in the free-from section. Instead they’re just gluten-free. While that’s all well and good, it does mean that I’m expecting these to be exceptional, given how small a part flour plays in a rocky road recipe – if these are Tesco Finest they should be excellent, whether gluten-free or not.

In the end they proved sufficiently moreish but never quite had the truly luxurious satisfaction that makes the treat worthwhile.



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