Mince Pies Review 2014 – Waitrose Shortcrust Mince Pies

Waitrose’s standard shortcrust pastry mince pies make no grand claims, on the box or otherwise. These are simply the supermarket’s bog standard, but not budget, mince pies.

We’re talking about a relatively cheap mince pie here so the packaging has no frills – there’s no window here – but it’s finished in a nice classy green and white wintry scene.

Opening the box up and the pies look okay. There’s nothing fancy here but they’re smart enough. They have the popular domed top, rather than the flat version I tend to prefer but really they look like any other cheapish mince pie.

Sadly, that description can be applied to the eating experience too. In fact, these are actually a little worse than average.

That domed top serves no purpose, just adding extra air space between the filling and the top pastry and making for more of a mouthful. What’s more the pastry is crumbly with a lack of integrity and strength and it’s tasteless. There’s no particular pleasure inherent therein.

It’s a similar story with the filling. These pies clearly aren’t meant to be served warmed up as the filling is quite liquid straight out the box, unpleasantly so. The combination of the crumbly pastry and the sloppy filling makes for quite a messy pie.

The flavour of the filling is okay, with bits of fruit clearly present but the overall texture is more of a thickened paste akin to a cheap chicken pasty filling.

To be clear, they’re not the absolute worst by any stretch but they really are only average or just below.

Price: £1.70 for four

Score: 4/10

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