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Burden of the Noose tour video

Finally got round to publishing the tour compilation video I made of Burden of the Noose when we played a few shows round the UK back in… damn! Late 2014!

Live footage from Bolton, Cheltenham, Birmingham and Nottingham all set to the track Art of Being Weird.


Corsair Gaming K70 RGB Review


My latest post for TrustedReviews:

“Both mechanical-switch keyboards and multi-colour backlit keyboards have been around for a while. However, what we haven’t ever had before is a keyboard that combines the two, marrying the high-end typing ability of mechanical switches with the pizzazz of 16.7 million different colours of backlighting. That makes the Corsair Gaming K70 RGB a first. It also makes it one of the snazziest keyboards you can buy.”

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Corsair Gaming K70 RGB Video Review

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