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Turtle Beach Z300 Review


This wireless headset boasts 7.1 virtual surround sound courtesy Dolby Headphones technology, supports use with multiple devices at once – including a phone – and of course sports Turtle Beach’s unique brash styling.

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Varidesk Pro Review


Off the back of a number of recent reports about the health problems associated with sitting at all day there is increasing interest in other ways to work at a desk. Now standing desks and even treadmill desks are becoming – at least ever so slightly – more common sights.

But let’s face it, completely changing your desk for a standing one, let alone installing a treadmill, just isn’t practical for most of us, which is where the Varidesk comes in. Instead of a wholesale swap to an upright desk, it sits on a normal desk and offers the ability to switch between standing and sitting.

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Best Powerline adapters roundup

Fed up with flaky Wi-Fi? Can’t conceive of cabling up your whole house? Then Powerline is the technology for you, and we’ve picked out six of the best powerline adapters worth considering for your home.What are Powerline Adapters?
Powerline (also known as HomePlug) is a networking technology that uses your home’s existing power cables to distribute the network throughout your home.As the diagram below shows, you just plug a network cable from your router into one Powerline adapter then plug that adapter into a conventional plug socket.

Then go to the room where you’d like to receive the signal and plug in a second adapter. From there you can connect directly to your computer or plug in other conventional network devices like routers, switches and hubs.

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Unique Melody 2X Review


The Unique Melody 2X is a dual-driver set of universal IEMs that uses a combination of a balanced armature driver for mids/treble and a dynamic driver for bass.

Along with the Unique Melody 3X, which was announced alongside the 2X, this is the first universal-fit IEM the British company has made, after making its name in custom-moulded IEMs.

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SteelSeries H Wireless Review


What is the SteelSeries H Wireless?

The H Wireless is Steel Series’ top of the range stereo, wireless gaming headset that is also just about the best headset I’ve ever used.

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New Google Camera App Review

Google has just released a new Android Camera app that’s free to download from the Play Store for any phone running Android 4.4 KitKat or later. I’ve taken it for a spin to see how it performs compared to the previous standard Android camera app and several others that are available, including the standard Samsung Galaxy S4 camera app.


The first thing you notice with this new app is that Google has stuck largely with the clean design ethic of the previous Android camera app. After briefly appearing for a moment to hint at where they can be found, the main menu controls disappear off screen leaving just the shutter button (which will either be black if the camera aspect ratio is 4:3 or semi-transparent if 16:9) and the ‘…’ that signifies the settings menu.


Tapping the settings menu brings up options for turning on a guidance grid, toggling the flash and switching to the front camera. Just tap on the image to choose your focus point or let the autofocus do its thing.


Further options can be brought up by swiping in from the left edge. Here you can access the photo sphere mode, panorama and lens blur modes, as well as select the normal camera and video modes.

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Samsung Galaxy S5


What is the Samsung Galaxy S5?

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the latest flagship Android phone from Samsung. It replaces and upgrade the Samsung Galaxy S4, with a new 16mp camera with phase detection autofocus, a slightly larger 5.1in 1080p screen, faster processor and a heart rate sensor. Chief competitors are the HTC One M8, iPhone 5S, Sony Z2 and LG G2.


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HTC One M8


What is the HTC One M8?

The HTC One M8 is the HTC’s latest flagship Android phone. It’s an upgrade and replacement for 2013’s HTC One with upgrades including a slightly larger screen (5in compared to 4.7in), a dual camera for clever depth of focus effects, the inclusion of a microSD slot, a larger battery and a faster processor. It retains its luxurious metal build, though unlike most of its competitors it isn’t water resistant.

Chief competitors are the Samsung Galaxy S5, Apple iPhone 5S and LG G2.

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Nvidia G-Sync